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CS2 Workshop maps: What they are, How to play them, Best Workshop maps

CS2 Workshop maps (also known as "Custom maps") are user-created levels that can be played in Counter-Strike 2. The community designs CS2 Workshop maps, which can range from simple aim training arenas to complex, story-driven scenarios.

Workshop maps add variety and new challenges to the game, extending its replayability.

In this article, I'll dive into the world of CS2 Workshop maps, drawing from my years of experience in the Counter-Strike community.

I'll explore what these maps are and how you can play them, and I'll share my top picks for the best Workshop maps across various categories.


What is a CS2 Workshop map?


In Counter-Strike 2, Workshop maps are custom maps created by the community to improve gameplay.

I love exploring these unique maps that offer fresh challenges beyond the standard fare.

Subscribing to a CS2 Workshop map on Steam is easy - just a click, you're ready to frag on a brand-new battlefield. These custom maps showcase the creativity of passionate mapmakers who strive to keep the game exciting for everyone.


How do you play Workshops maps in CS2? 4 Steps guide


I will walk you through playing these maps in just four simple steps.

Learning to play workshop maps will open up a new world of exciting challenges and gameplay experiences.


1. Go to CS2 Workshop section on Steam

  1. Open Steam and click "Community" at the top.
  2. Select "Workshop" from the dropdown menu.
  3. You'll see the Steam workshop for all games.
  4. Find "Counter-Strike 2" in the list or search for it.
  5. Click on "Counter-Strike 2" to enter the CS2 Workshop.

2. Find the map you want to play

  1. Use the search bar
    • Type keywords like "aim training map" or "map de" to narrow your options.
    • Save time by directly searching for what you want.
  2. Browse categories
    • Explore sections like aim training, surf, minigames, etc.
    • Categories make it easy to discover new maps that match your interests.
  3. Read map descriptions
    • Map creators usually provide helpful info on what their map is about.

3. Subscribe to the map


I've found an awesome map on the Steam Workshop. Now what?

  • Click that big, green "Subscribe" button, and boom!
  • The map's in your playlist.
  • Steam starts downloading the files automatically.

4. Launch the map and choose your gamemode

  1. Launch CS2 and navigate to the main menu.
  2. Click on "Play" and then select "Workshop Maps."
  3. Scroll through the list of subscribed maps until you find the one you want to play.
  4. Select the map and choose from the available game modes:
    • Deathmatch: A fast-paced, free-for-all mode where you rack up kills to win.
    • Wingman: A 2v2 mode perfect for honing your skills with a partner.
    • Arms Race: A gun progression mode where each kill grants you a new weapon.
    • Casual: A more relaxed mode with longer rounds and fewer restrictions.
  5. Click "Go" to start playing your chosen map and mode!

Can you play CS:GO Workshop maps in CS2?


Yes, you can play CS:GO Workshop maps in CS2. Valve has ensured that all your favorite maps from CS:GO, including those from the Workshop, are compatible with the new version.

I've spent countless hours playing on community-created maps, and it's great to see them seamlessly transferred to CS2.


What are the best Workshop maps to play in CS2?


The best Workshop maps are the training maps or those where you can play with your friends in familiar or new modes.


Best Workshop maps for training


Here are the best Workshop maps for training:

  1. Aim Botz: This classic map, popular since CS:GO, is a must-have for players looking to improve their aim. Aim Botz is perfect for honing your skills with any gun, and it has customizable bot movement, weapon selection, and ammo options. I love using it to practice my spray control and warm up before matches.
  2. CSStats Training Map: Offering three unique modes - Range, Rush, and Shuffle - this map caters to different training needs. While Range mode resembles Aim Botz, Rush and Shuffle provide more realistic scenarios to prepare you for actual gameplay. As someone who loves a challenge, I find myself returning to the CSStats Training Map repeatedly.
  3. crashz' Crosshair Generator v4: Finding the perfect crosshair can be a game-changer, and this map makes it incredibly easy. Simply shoot at the player crosshairs to instantly apply their settings to your own. It's been a go-to for the CS community for years and is just as valuable in CS2.
  4. KZ_HUB: Ported from CS:GO, KZ_HUB is all about mastering movement. With its built-in timer, speedometer, and checkpoint system, this single-player map is perfect for practicing your climbing and agility skills. As someone who loves the excitement of a perfect jump, I can't recommend KZ_HUB enough.
  5. Recoil Master - Spray Training: Another creation by Mr. uLLeticaL™-S, Recoil Master is similar to Aim Botz but focuses specifically on spray control. If you're looking to improve your weapon handling and become a master of recoil patterns, this is the map for you.

Best Workshop maps for playing with your friends


Here are the best workshop maps for playing with your friends:

  1. Aim Botz: A classic aim training map perfect for warming up before competitive matches. Aim Botz is highly customizable, allowing you to adjust bot movement, terrain, and more. I love the intense 100 kills challenge mode.
  2. Crashz' Viewmodel Generator: Customize your gun model position to match your playstyle. Whether you prefer minimal gun movement or more dynamic animations, you can adjust the X, Y, and Z coordinates and FOV.
  3. Fast Aim Reflex Trainer: Take your aim training to the next level by working on your reflexes and speed. Bots rush at you from all angles while strafing, and you must eliminate them before they fall into the pit. Use a headset to hear their footsteps and react quickly.

Best Workshop maps for surfing


Here are the best workshop maps for surfing:

  1. surf_beginner: Created by Kiiru, this classic map is the perfect starting point for new surfers. With 7 stages and a naming convention for zone triggers, it offers a gentle introduction to surfing in CS:GO.
  2. surf_kitsune: Arblarg's beloved creation needs no introduction within the surfing community. Boasting 9 stages and a maximum velocity of 3500, this version has disabled secrets to make it suitable for community servers.
  3. surf_mesa_revo: Ported from the original CS:GO version by Arblarg, this "official" port may have some ramp-bugs, but with secrets disabled, it's perfect for surf servers looking to offer a classic experience.
  4. surf_rookie: Another beginner-friendly map from Kiiru, this official port features 18 stages and follows the naming convention for zone triggers. It's an excellent choice for players who hone their surfing skills before tackling more challenging maps.
  5. surf_utopia_njv: Created by Panzer, this classic, easy linear map has been adapted for modern skill surf with jail removal. The non-jail version (njv) ensures accessibility for all players in the Counter-Strike community.

Best Workshop maps for bhopping


Here are the best workshop maps for bhopping:

  1. Bhop_water: A linear 5-stage bhop/kz map that challenges your in-game bunny hopping skills. Using commands like sv_staminajumpcost 0, sv_staminalandcost 0, and sv_airaccelerate 150 can make the experience even more exciting.
  2. Bhop_emevaelx3: Perfect for practicing character movement and improving your bhop abilities. The map has pre-written commands, making it easy for gamers to focus on honing their skills.
  3. Bhop_bridge: Created by MHG and translated to CS2 by 3x1S7 for cybershoke. The map boasts improved texture quality, global lighting, and a unique design with challenging jumps that will keep you engaged.
  4. Bhop_Colour: A remake of the classic Bunnyhop Colour map, supporting plugin hooks and featuring 32 spawns. While it no longer embeds bhop settings due to server compatibility issues, it still offers an exciting in-game experience.
  5. Bhop_moonlight: Elzy's creation, ported to CS2 by 3x1S7 for CYBERSHOKE, features improved textures and lighting. This visually stunning map is part of the GhostCap CS2 Bhop Maps collection and presents gamers with challenging jumps.
  6. Bhop_1n5an3: Andis Strautins' map, translated to CS2 by 3x1S7 for cybershoke, offers improved texture quality, global lighting, and a unique bhop experience that gamers will love.

What is the best type of Workshop map to play?


For aspiring CS2 pros, I recommend focusing on aim training maps like Aim_Botz or the Crashz Crosshair Generator.

These maps allow you to fine-tune your crosshair settings and practice essential skills like one-tapping, burst shooting, and spraying.

If you want a more chilling experience, surfing maps greatly improves your movement and navigation skills in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Map remakes of classic CS maps are also worth exploring for a fresh take on familiar environments.


What to do if Workshop maps don't work?


Here is what to do if Workshop maps don't work:

  1. Check Your Subscriptions: Make sure you've subscribed to the workshop map you want to play. Visit the map's page in the CS2 Workshop and click "Subscribe" if you haven't already. I've missed this step before and spent way too long wondering why the map wouldn't load!
  2. Verify Map Download: After subscribing, CS2 should automatically download the map. If it doesn't, try these steps:
    • Restart CS2
    • Verify the integrity of game files:
      1. Right-click CS2 in your Steam library.
      2. Go to Properties > Local Files.
      3. Click "Verify Integrity of Game Files."
    • This will check for any missing or corrupted files and repair them.
  3. Launch Options: Some players have succeeded using the -insecure launch option. Here's how to add it:
    • Right-click CS2 in Steam.
    • Select Properties > General.
    • Click "Set Launch Options."
    • Add -insecure and click OK.
    • Launch CS2 and see if the workshop maps load now.
  4. Linux Users: There may be an issue with map signatures on Linux. Check your console for related error messages. Unfortunately, you might need to wait for a Valve update to fix this.
  5. Manually Launching Maps: If nothing else works, try manually loading the workshop map from the console:
    • Open the console (usually with the ~ key).
    • Type map map_name (replace map_name with the actual name).
    • Press Enter to load the map.
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