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Best CS2 crosshair codes in 2024

This article shows the best Counter-Strike 2 crosshairs used by CS2 players. The article also explains what is a crosshair code, how to use it and how to create your custom CS2 crosshair code.


List of CS2 crosshair codes used by pro players


Unlike in previous versions like CS:GO, CS2 allows you to import a crosshair code directly, enabling you to quickly adapt your playstyle with preferences used by professional players.

Below is a list of crosshair codes used by top gamers.

Player Crosshair Code
s1mple CSGO-h3Pz6-8BasU-DKBXU-e4KEt-YPD3J
ZywOo CSGO-H3Wb2-YV2FB-VPipW-dx2td-hej5P
NiKo CSGO-LdXHk-hatWX-JjEa8-tuLDN-5tbJD
m0NESY CSGO-hzrMn-jXu8b-R7VH4-hQ9aa-OnMHA
ropz CSGO-HhqGJ-sDkmR-W9oNx-DvQOF-xpuCQ
sh1ro CSGO-oit62-q2AsV-L2SHE-3hoEJ-cMwLA
b1t CSGO-9OysP-sFw9b-dHiXx-VXUA2-hif4D
Twistzz CSGO-9axTZ-n8pEc-uCqW3-SWTK7-3WOAK
Aleksib CSGO-Jp4hk-AfzML-FcpUT-2pfxZ-kSLoD
apEX CSGO-idk3k-MD5qw-6b9rH-tr7u7-KPh8E
Ax1Le CSGO-nZtuj-eHzcb-8fyLe-Cxbwc-NHpEM
blameF CSGO-LdXHk-hatWX-JjEa8-tuLDN-5tbJD
broky CSGO-2uABj-Rr3dC-yhVt3-bXe8v-tDu8O
cadiaN CSGO-OsK33-i3cCK-C3HFj-8NFp3-HpCxH
degster CSGO-i6W7e-7dNbB-7u2hV-vwvQd-97DRE
deko CSGO-9GVqi-ixpNa-JuGa8-ae6hd-H7xDK
dev1ce CSGO-jvnbx-S3xFK-iEJXD-Y27Nd-AO6FP
electroNic CSGO-RF8AU-LQcx8-erXvR-V45TS-Rx6KQ
FlameZ CSGO-VxTDO-uUGK3-wsSfC-kO6Yz-iyXsO
headtr1ck CSGO-CmPqs-mhQJt-YmNOa-XhqMq-HvDmQ
HObbit CSGO-tNKL3-nvYRR-MyrEa-Ds9kN-bkWjM
Hunter CSGO-fefXh-O6xYZ-FdCHQ-OP9Kq-qKwLA
jabbi CSGO-4PQMC-kA9Ho-muNQv-9u2BJ-tLXoN
jame CSGO-kQLy3-knZHs-y5tkt-wF7Ca-c8ksF
JKS CSGO-Un7wk-YEcd5-YUnK4-eoFqZ-LbRVP
karrigan CSGO-CP44i-z2D7K-dpJhE-TvPaj-MaMbM
k0nfig CSGO-jPHWX-2Rv8b-oAAaP-eRHBs-pevvE
Magisk CSGO-Ch7e4-W6rmt-rj9Tw-2HmUn-RfK5O
Patsi CSGO-ty4wQ-Va3B2-rMK8r-ROvoR-yopJN
rain CSGO-mbppN-WGdqq-XeBH8-bmdyV-fxwPB
smooya CSGO-i2z3i-7o4Qx-u7R8Z-oMHCb-tOUnB
Spinx CSGO-HsTKJ-UzdPk-qvWjm-Y2FDE-eJH8D
stavn CSGO-mw7Mq-5QZfQ-Bj8m7-LHMTr-cVGOP
Suihy CSGO-POePx-nrfn5-rRXKx-tZASS-fcEBM
SunPayus CSGO-fBSrW-FdDK7-5PyDT-44XfM-2zpxA
tabseN CSGO-xjXqo-C9vj8-kzmGn-UKdLu-HRsuL
w0nderful CSGO-jhrTh-eXR6k-6LeUL-C5ukE-FkdVG

What is a CS2 crosshair code?


A CS2 crosshair code allows players to instantly customize their crosshair in Counter-Strike 2, improving gameplay significantly.

By entering a simple code, you can adopt the best crosshair settings used by top cs2 pros. This feature is a major upgrade from the older method of using crosshair generator maps.

Now, with the convenience of codes, adapting a pro player’s setup is straightforward and highly valued by the community. This method is endorsed by Valve and has become a preferred tool for players aiming to optimize their aiming precision.


How to use a CS2 crosshair code


To use a CS2 crosshair code and elevate your gameplay with a custom crosshair style, follow these streamlined steps:

  1. Start CS2 and navigate to the settings menu.
  2. Within the game settings, select ‘Game’ followed by ‘Crosshair.’
  3. Choose ‘Share or Import.’ This opens a field where you can input your desired player crosshair code.
  4. Right-click in the empty field to paste the code, or simply press CTRL+V.
  5. Hit ‘Import’ to apply the new crosshair style to your in-game experience.

This process allows you to quickly switch between different crosshair styles, optimizing your visibility and accuracy based on professional preferences or personal experimentation.


How to create your custom CS2 crosshair code


Creating a custom CS2 crosshair tailored to your specific preferences is a straightforward process that enhances gameplay by aligning with your visual comfort and playstyle. Here's how to get started:

  1. Choose Your Tool: Begin by visiting a CS2 Crosshair Generator website or utilize a popular Steam Workshop map such as Crashz's Crosshair Generator. These platforms are designed specifically for crafting new crosshairs.
  2. Adjust Settings: Modify various aspects of your crosshair in real-time:
    • Style: Select from a variety of crosshair styles.
    • Alpha: Adjust transparency to suit your visual preference.
    • Thickness: Set the line thickness for better visibility.
    • Size: Change the line length to match your aiming needs.
    • Gap: Alter the spacing between lines for clearer sight.
    • Outline: Add outlines for enhanced contrast against varied backgrounds.
    • Color: Choose a color that stands out in different environments.
    • Dot: Opt to include or remove a central dot for pinpoint accuracy.
  3. Implement Your Crosshair: After fine-tuning your settings, copy the generated config code into the CS2 console to activate your custom crosshair in-game.
  4. Share Your Design: To save or share your configuration with others, use the "Share Crosshair" feature to generate a unique link to your custom setup.

By following these steps, you can create a crosshair that not only improves your performance but also reflects your personal style, making each gaming session uniquely enjoyable.


What is the dot code for crosshair in CS2?


In CS2, the dot code for crosshairs is specifically designed to improve precision, particularly for players focusing on headshots.

To enable a dot crosshair in your game, simply apply the setting cl_crosshairdot 1. This setting activates a distinct, centralized dot in your crosshair, removing the outer lines and making it the perfect crosshair for those who prefer a minimalist approach to ensure accuracy.

This dot is typically big enough to maintain visibility but small enough to not obscure your target, providing an ideal balance for sharpshooters aiming for precision.


What is the best color crosshair for CS2?


Here are the top colors recommended by professional players, along with reasons for their effectiveness:

  • Cyan Crosshair: Offers excellent visibility in various in-game environments, making it easier to maintain focus on targets.
  • Green Crosshair: Highly visible against both dark and bright backgrounds, green is a favored choice for its striking contrast.
  • White Crosshair: While effective in darker maps, it may blend into brighter areas. Always check using a crosshair preview before finalizing.

What is the code for the white crosshair in CS2?


To set a white crosshair in CS2, use the commands: cl_crosshaircolor_r 255, cl_crosshaircolor_g 255, and cl_crosshaircolor_b 255.

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