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By Gabriele Asaro
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How to Fix CS2 Audio: A Player's Guide to Better Sound

Okay let's get into how to fix CS2 audio issues. I've had these problems myself and found a few solutions that might help you too.

First the main reason CS2 sounds worse than CSGO is the default Headphone mix which cuts out a lot of bass. To fix this type "snd_headphone_eq 0" in the console. This disables the Headphone mix and should improve your audio right away.

If you want to keep the Headphone mix on you can try enabling spatial audio instead. Type "dota_enable_spatial_audio 1" in the console. This adds more bass and can improve your overall audio. I personally prefer disabling the Headphone mix but try it out and see what works best for you.

Here are some additional console commands I use for CS2 audio:

  • dota_spatial_audio_mix 0
  • snd_autodetect_latency 0

If you want to use spatial audio make sure both "snd_headphone_eq 1" and "dota_enable_spatial_audio 1" are set. Spatial audio works best with the Headphones preset.

I also found tweaking the EQ profile helps. Set it to "crisp", L/R Isolation to 50% and turn off Perspective Correction.

Sometimes after a CS2 update your sound might become completely bugged. If this happens just unplug and replug your headset.

Keep in mind audio preferences are subjective. Try these out one by one and see what works best for you.

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