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By Gabriele Asaro
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How I Fixed CS2 Freezing: A Step-by-Step Guide

When CS2 started freezing on me, I tried everything to fix it.

Here's what worked:

First, I closed all background programs. This freed up resources for the game.

I reduced the volume of player voices in the audio settings. High-pitched sounds were causing overload.

In the game settings, I switched to displaying player numbers instead of avatars. This helped with performance.

I started typing "clear" in the console every round. It seemed to prevent some freezes.

To avoid inactivity-related freezes, I made sure to move or shoot at the end of each round.

The most important fix was adjusting the launch options. I right-clicked CS2 in my Steam library, went to Properties, then General, and added these launch options: -dx11 -threads [my thread count] -tank_WorkerThreadCount [my thread count]

(I found my thread count in Task Manager under Performance > CPU > Logical Processors).

Another big help was closing the Runtime Broker program before launching CS2. You can do this through Task Manager each time you play.

I switched to Windowed Fullscreen mode to prevent Runtime Broker from restarting.

Other things I tried:

  • Disabling Nvidia Game Filter
  • Turning off Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling
  • Checking my monitor's refresh rate
  • Updating GPU and motherboard drivers
  • Verifying game files
  • Removing RGB software
  • Disabling antivirus temporarily
  • Reducing in-game graphics settings
  • Disabling Discord overlay

For more technical issues, I:

  • Used DDU to clean install GPU drivers
  • Checked my power cables
  • Tested my RAM with Memtest86
  • Monitored CPU and GPU temperatures
  • Checked my SSDs for errors
  • Reverted any overclocks on my CPU, GPU, or RAM

By working through these steps, I was able to fix CS2 freezing and get back to smooth gameplay.

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