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By Gabriele Asaro
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How to Change Bot Difficulty in CS2: A Simple Guide

Here's how to change bot difficulty in CS2:

  1. Enable the developer console in CS2 settings under the Game tab.
  2. Load into a Deathmatch (DM) match.
  3. Open the console by pressing the ~ key (located right under Esc).
  4. Type these commands:
    • bot_difficulty (number from 0 to 5)
    • custom_bot_difficulty (same number as above)
  5. Exit to the main menu and reload the match.

The bot difficulty levels work like this:

  • 0: Bots don't fight at all
  • 1: Very easy to beat
  • 2: A bit harder, but still easy
  • 3: Bots start to put up a fight
  • 4: Pretty challenging
  • 5: Extremely tough, even for skilled players

That's all you need to know about how to change bot difficulty in CS2. This method covers all possible difficulty adjustments, giving you full control over your practice sessions.

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