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By Gabriele Asaro
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How I Fixed CS2 Frame Drops: A Simple Guide

I've battled CS2 frame drops and found many effective solutions.

Here's how I fixed the issue:

First, I tweaked my launch options. I added "-vulkan -threads 2 -tank_WorkerThreadCount 2 -novid -high -fps_max 0" to the game's launch options in Steam. This improved performance significantly.

Next, I installed ParkControl and set it to Bitsum highest performance. This optimization tool helped manage CPU cores more efficiently.

When things got really bad, I did a clean install of CS2. Sometimes, simply deleting the video and video.bak files in the game's config folder worked wonders (path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\[your_username]\730\local\cfg\).

I also kept an eye on background processes. Once, I discovered a service consuming processor power and causing FPS drops. Ending that process in Task Manager instantly boosted my FPS from 50-60 to 150-200.

For AMD users, I found that using DDU to uninstall GPU drivers and downgrading to Adrenaline 23.1.1 helped tremendously.

I adjusted game settings too. Changing screen resolution, video quality, and streamlining push-to-talk settings all contributed to smoother gameplay.

In Windows settings, I made sure to set my power plan to maximum performance and used QuickCPU to unpark any cores.

Lastly, I tweaked the game's DPI scaling. I went to the CS2 executable file, changed its properties, and set it to override high DPI scaling, letting the application handle it.

Remember, fixing CS2 frame drops often requires a combination of these methods. Don't get discouraged if one solution doesn't work – keep trying until you find the right mix for your system.

If none of the fixes work and many other users are experiencing frame drops, it could be because of some recent Valve update.

Usually when there are these patch problems, Valve fixes them right away. But if you still have problems, contact the CS2 team ([email protected]).

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