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By Gabriele Asaro
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CS2 Molotovs

Clash.gg has put together all the possible molotovs for each map in Counter-Strike 2 (CS2). Here is the list for molotovs in each map:


What are CS2 molotovs?


In CS2 molotovs, often called "mollies," play an important role. Molotovs are incendiary grenades designed to control space by creating a temporary wall of fire upon impact.

Deploying a molotov can strategically deny enemy movement, force opponents out of hiding spots, or safeguard key areas during a match.

Mastery of these molotovs can significantly influence gameplay, offering tactical advantages whether on offense or defense. Recognizing the right moments and locations to use a molotov can turn the tide of a round, making them an essential element in a player's arsenal.


Should you know CS2 map molotovs?


Absolutely, knowing how to effectively use molotovs in CS2 is crucial for several reasons:

  • Tactical Control: Molotovs allow players to control the flow of the game by blocking or clearing paths, crucial for strategic positioning.
  • Area Denial: They force opponents out of strongholds, making it easier to capture key points or defend bomb sites.
  • Team Coordination: Proper use of molotovs can synchronize with team strategies, enhancing group efforts in taking or defending objectives.
  • Information Gathering: Deploying molotovs can reveal enemy positions based on their reactions, providing valuable intel without direct engagement.
  • Economy Impact: Efficient molotov use can pressure the opponent's economy by forcing them to spend more on counter-equipment.
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