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Office molotovs in CS2 (CS:GO)

Mastering Office molotovs in the fps game Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) from Valve is essential for dominating the map. This guide provides all the necessary molotov lineups for Office. It is a resource for improving defensive and offensive gameplay with molotovs in Office.


All CS2 Office molotovs

Lobby Entrance Molotov from OutsideBlocks enemy entry, forcing them through side or back routes.
Side Hallway Molotov from Main OfficePrevents defenders from pushing for information or control.
Break Room Molotov from SnowmanEnsures no one hides behind the break room for an ambush.
Front Office Molotov from Long HallCuts off vision and movement, isolating players in Front Office.
Conference Room Molotov from LobbyDenies enemy the chance to hold angles from the conference table.
Back Stairs Molotov from RoofBlocks rotation through the back stairs, useful in post-plant situations.
Paper Room Molotov from Main HallFlushes out defenders, making it harder to hold angles on attackers.
Kitchen Molotov from BalconyForces players out of the kitchen, denying food control and vision.
Computer Room Molotov from Side OfficeDenies defenders the comfort of holding angles from computers.
Storage Room Molotov from Main OfficePrevents the enemy from hiding and controlling storage room.
Projector Room Molotov from LobbyUseful for post-plant situations, denies defusers any cover.

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Best molotovs lineups in Office


Top 10 CS2 molotovs in Office:

  1. Lobby to Front Office: Throwing a molotov from the lobby into the front office disrupts enemy setups, forcing them out of common hiding spots.
  2. Long Hall to Break Room: A precise molotov from the long hall ensures that no opponent can comfortably hold the break room, a crucial control point.
  3. Main Hall to Side Stairs: This molotov prevents aggressive pushes from the defense, securing crucial entry points for the attacking team.
  4. Snowman to Kitchen: A well-placed molotov from the snowman area into the kitchen cuts off vital support lines, isolating enemies within.
  5. Roof to Back Office: Targeting the back office from the roof with a molotov can flush out defenders, making it easier to secure plant sites.
  6. Balcony to Projector Room: This lineup ensures that the projector room, a key defensive position, is cleared out, allowing for safer bomb plants.
  7. Side Office to Computer Room: A strategic molotov here disrupts defenders' vision and control over the computer room, a pivotal area for information gathering.
  8. Main Office to Storage Room: Prevents enemies from using the storage room for surprise attacks or as a safe haven during confrontations.
  9. Lobby to Conference Room: Securing the conference room with a molotov can significantly hinder the enemy's ability to regroup and defend.
  10. Main Hall to Paper Room: This molotov ensures that the paper room, often used for its advantageous angles, is no longer safe for the enemy.

Gabriele from Clash.gg mentioned that mastering these molotov spots has been a game-changer. "Understanding the timing and trajectory for each molotov has allowed me to control the flow of the game more effectively. It's not just about the damage; it's about psychological pressure and controlling space," he noted. This insight underscores the strategic depth these molotovs add to gameplay, beyond their immediate impact.


Should you know how to molly in Office?


Yes, you should know how to molly in Office to control space and secure objectives.


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