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Lake flashes in CS2 (CS:GO)

Mastering Lake flashes in the fps game Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) from Valve is essential for dominating the map. This guide provides all the necessary flash lineups for Lake. It is a resource for improving defensive and offensive gameplay with flashes in Lake.


All CS2 Lake flashes

Backyard Flash from HouseQuickly blinds enemies in the backyard, thrown from inside the house.
Patio Flash from RoofPerfect for blinding opponents on the patio, toss from the house's roof.
Window Burst from GardenDesigned to blind enemies peeking from the window, throw from the garden.
Entrance Pop from DockIdeal for entries, explodes at the map's entrance when thrown from the dock area.
Sniper Nest Flash from LakeBlinds snipers in the nest, deployed from the lake's edge.
Pier Flash from CliffTargets enemies near the pier, thrown from the cliff for a surprise attack.
Gazebo Clear from HillClears the gazebo area, throw from the hill for effective coverage.
Rooftop Surprise from BackyardBlinds anyone on the rooftops, thrown from the backyard area.
Alley Ambush from BalconyPerfect for ambushing in the alley, deploy from the balcony for a quick surprise.
Courtyard Flash from TowerControls the courtyard, thrown from the tower to blind enemies effectively.
Boathouse Raid from BridgeAssists in raiding the boathouse, throw from the bridge for full effect.

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Best flashes lineups in Lake


Top 10 CS2 flashes in Lake:

  1. House to Backyard Flash: Aim at the corner of the roof from the house's living room to blind enemies advancing through the backyard. This precise lineup ensures aggressors are caught off guard, facilitating a safer peek or entry for your team.
  2. Dock to Entrance Pop: Standing at the edge of the dock, line up your crosshair with the top of the tallest tree, then throw. The flash pops right at the map's main entrance, blinding enemies pushing from the spawn area, making it a staple in early-round engagements.
  3. Roof to Patio Flash: While on the roof, align with the chimney closest to the lake. This lineup sends the flash over the house, landing on the patio. It's perfect for disrupting defenders holding angles from this common gathering spot.
  4. Garden to Window Flash: From the garden, aim at the second window from the left, and throw. The flash bounces into the house, blinding anyone looking out the windows or holding angles from inside. This move is crucial for safe entries through the garden side.
  5. Cliff to Pier Flash: Position yourself at the cliff's edge, aiming directly at the lantern near the pier. This flash blinds enemies near the pier or in the boathouse, providing an opportunity for a surprise attack or to secure control over the lake area.
  6. Balcony to Alley Flash: From the balcony, target the top of the far-right tree. The flash lands in the alley, a key route for flanking moves. It's essential for taking control of the map's side paths, allowing for strategic positioning against the enemy.
  7. Tower to Courtyard Flash: Standing at the base of the tower, find the small notch on the roofline opposite, and throw. The flash arcs into the courtyard, a pivotal area for map control, ensuring enemies are blinded, which can turn the tide of the round.
  8. Bridge to Boathouse Raid Flash: Aim for the tip of the boat visible over the boathouse from the bridge. This specialized flash is designed to support aggressive plays into the boathouse, blinding defenders and allowing for a swift takeover.
  9. Hill to Gazebo Clear Flash: Align with the tallest tree visible from the hill, aiming slightly above. This flash clears the gazebo area, often used by snipers or defenders. It's a strategic play for gaining ground without direct confrontation.
  10. Backyard to Rooftop Surprise: From the backyard's far end, look for the unique antenna on the house's roof, and aim high. This innovative flash blinds opponents holding positions on or around the house's roof, a favorite spot for ambushes.

Gabriele from Clash.gg mentioned, "The Dock to Entrance Pop flash transformed our team's approach to taking early map control on Lake. It's an indispensable part of our strategy, allowing us to secure pivotal points with minimal resistance."


Should you know how to flash in Lake?


Yes, you should know how to flash in Lake to gain strategic advantages and control over key areas.


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