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Office callouts in CS2 (CSGO)

This guide shows the callouts of the Office Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) map. Mastering Office in CS2 requires understanding callouts for effective navigation and strategy in gameplay. This applies to both attacking and defending.


Office callouts table


Callout name and description are listed in the following table:

SnowmanA covered position located in the corner of the map's exterior, often used for defensive sniping.
Long SnipeA long sightline that spans from the Front Yard to the Office, key for long-range engagements.
Front YardThe open space in front of the Office, a nexus for player movement and conflict.
Front DumpsterAn object in the Front Yard offering cover and a common spot for ambushes.
Front OfficeThe main entrance area inside the building, a hot spot for initial skirmishes.
Main HallThe central corridor inside the Office, crucial for map control and movement.
Side HallA narrow passage on the map's edge, often used for flanking maneuvers.
Long HallConnects Side Hall with the rest of the Office, a longer route for strategic positioning.
PaperA room filled with cubicles, pivotal for close-quarters combat and strategy.
ProjectorA small room with key visual equipment, can be crucial for setting up defenses.
KitchenAn indoor area with potential for close encounters, crucial for control over the map's side.
Garage YardAn exterior space that provides access to the Garage, important for flanking and strategic positioning.
CT SpawnCounter-Terrorists' starting area, fundamental for initial strategy and spawn-based tactics.
T SpawnTerrorists' starting point, setting the stage for offensive plays and strategies.
GarageAn indoor parking area, essential for defense and offensive maneuvers alike.

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Most famous Office callouts


Top 10 CS2 callouts in Office map:

  • Front Office: The hub of early game action, it's crucial for setting up defenses or preparing for an aggressive push.
  • Long Snipe: A sniper's paradise, controlling this sightline often dictates the match's tempo, especially during the initial skirmish.
  • Paper: Dense with cubicles, this area is notorious for close-quarters combat and surprise encounters.
  • Projector: A strategic point for teams to gather and plan their next move, often used for pivotal round-winning plays.
  • Garage Yard: Mastery of this area allows for clever flanking routes, making or breaking critical assaults.
  • Main Hall: Dominating this artery of the map is essential for fluid movement and controlling engagements.
  • Side Hall: Known for stealthy plays, it's the go-to for sneaking past enemy lines unnoticed.
  • Kitchen: A common area for ambushes, it's a vital spot for map control due to its multiple entry points.
  • CT Spawn: Defending this area is critical to prevent enemy control over the match's flow.
  • T Spawn: Offensive strategies often pivot around this area, making it essential for launching attacks.

According to Gabriele from Clash.gg, a good grasp of these terms correlates with situational awareness and team coordination. Communication is highly important in high-level play.


When was Office released?


The Office map in Counter-Strike from Valve was released in 1999.


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