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Lake smokes in CS2 (CSGO)

Mastering Lake smokes in the fps game Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) from Valve is essential for dominating the map. This guide provides all the necessary smoke lineups for Lake. It is a resource for improving defensive and offensive gameplay with smokes in Lake.


All CS2 Lake smokes

T-Spawn to Mid WindowBlocks vision from mid, thrown from T-Spawn.
CT-Spawn to DockObscures Dock area, thrown from CT-Spawn.
Rock to Sniper's NestCovers Sniper's Nest, initiated from Rock.
Blue House to AlleyConceals Alley, deployed from Blue House.
Bench to CT CorridorHides CT Corridor, executed from Bench.
Tower to B-Site EntranceBlocks B-Site Entrance, launched from Tower.
Hut to A-SiteObscures A-Site, thrown from Hut.
Lake House to Mid CrossingCovers Mid Crossing, initiated from Lake House.
Fishing Hut to CT PathwayHides CT Pathway, deployed from Fishing Hut.
Cliff to A-Site RampBlocks vision to A-Site Ramp, thrown from Cliff.

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Best smokes lineups in Lake


Top CS2 smokes in Lake:

  • Mid Window from T-Spawn: Gabriele notes this smoke is pivotal for taking control of the mid area. It blinds the enemy's mid vision, allowing for safer movement.
  • Dock Area from CT-Spawn: Crucial for defensive plays. Gabriele recalls how this smoke effectively counters aggressive pushes from the T-side.
  • Sniper's Nest from Rock: A favorite of Gabriele's, this smoke is essential for neutralizing snipers, a common threat in the Lake map.
  • Alley from Blue House: Disorienting opponents in the Alley is key. Gabriele often uses this smoke to safely maneuver or execute a surprise attack.
  • CT Corridor from Bench: This smoke, as Gabriele puts it, can be a lifesaver when CTs are pressing hard from the corridor.
  • B-Site Entrance from Tower: Gabriele emphasizes the importance of this smoke for B-site takes or fakes.
  • A-Site from Hut: A strategic smoke that Gabriele uses for either attacking A-site or diverting attention for a split push.
  • Mid Crossing from Lake House: Key for crossing to the B-site, this smoke has been a part of many of Gabriele’s successful strategies.

Should you know how to smoke in Lake?


Yes, you should know how to smoke in Lake on CS2 as it provides strategic advantages in obscuring enemy vision and securing critical areas for successful gameplay.


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