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Train callouts in CS2 (CSGO)

This guide shows the callouts of the Train Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) map. Mastering Train in CS2 requires understanding callouts for effective navigation and strategy in gameplay. This applies to both attacking and defending.


Train callouts table


Callout name and description are listed in the following table:

T SpawnStarting point for Terrorists, located in the upper left of the map.
A MainPrimary Terrorist entry to A Site, facing Blue Train.
T StairsStairway near T Spawn, leading to B Halls and B Site.
Brown HallsCorridor linking B Halls with T Spawn and T Stairs.
ShowersAbove T Connector/A Main, parallel to Brown Halls.
PopdogLadder room near B Halls, descending to A Yard by E Box.
B HallsArea behind B Site for Terrorist setups, leading to Lower/Upper.
B RampLower entrance to B Site from B Halls.
Upper BElevated entry to B Site, further from T Spawn than Lower.
LadderNext to Upper B exit, descending to Catwalk.
SpoolsB Site feature opposite bomb train for strategic positioning.
CatwalkPath from Upper B to B Site through an archway.
HeadshotEnd of Catwalk on Upper B with a crouching spot behind a Spool.
Bomb Train (B)Central train on B Site for bomb placement.
WhiteWhite train at B Site, outside Lower B/B Ramp.
YellowYellow train behind Bomb Train on B Site.
Red (B)Red train adjacent to Z Connector on B Site.
OilBlack oil train next to Headshot/Catwalk on B Site.
SidewalkPath from Lower B/B Ramp to Z Connector.
Z ConnectorLink between A and B Sites.
CT SpawnCounter-Terrorists' starting area, near back of B Site.
Back Site (B)Area behind Oil and Red trains at B Site, near CT Spawn.
CT StairsStairs from CT Spawn towards Ivy.
Old BombTrain near CT Spawn, connecting CT Stairs with A Site.
A1Alley between Old Bomb and wall, near CT Spawn.
A2Alley between Old Bomb and wall, near Ivy.
A3Alley from Ivy to A Site/CT Tunnel.
CT TunnelOffices between Ivy, CT Stairs, and A Site.
IvyConnector from Alley to A3, leading to A Site.
DumpsterObject outside Ivy, used for cover or elevation.
AlleyLong path from T Spawn to Ivy.
OlofCubby by Blue Train, facing A Main/T Con.
SandwichGap between Blue and Green trains at A Site.
HellCubby by Green Train, facing Ivy.
Red (A)Red Train on A Site, near Bomb Train.
BlueBlue Train at A Site, outside A Main/T Con.
GreenGreen Train at A Site, outside Ivy/A3.
E BoxElectric box between Popdog and A Bomb Train.
Bomb Train (A)Bomb Train on A Site, near Z Connector.
HeavenElevated position above A Site, accessible by ladder.
CubbyAlcove at A Site, with ladder to Heaven.
PigeonsArea between Ivy and Alley.
CameraWall on A Site between A3 and A2.
KitchenArea between T Stairs and Showers.
SummitSpace between Bomb Train and White on B Site.

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Most famous Train callouts


Top 10 CS2 callouts in Train map:

  • Popdog: A crucial point for controlling A Yard. It's the ladder room just before B Halls. Players use it for quick access to A Site or to flank enemies.
  • Ivy: A long, narrow corridor that's essential for map control. Controlling Ivy can cut off rotations and provide a strong position for attacking A Site.
  • B Halls: The staging area for Terrorists before attacking B Site. It's vital for setting up smokes and executes onto B.
  • E Box: Located between Popdog and the A Bomb Train, it's a pivotal spot for defending A Site from Terrorist pushes.
  • Hell: Next to the Green Train, facing Ivy. It's a key position for defending A Site, offering viewlines to multiple attack paths.
  • Z Connector: The main rotation path between A and B Sites. Control here is vital for map dominance.
  • Upper B: The higher entrance to B Site. Its elevation gives a strategic advantage for overseeing and controlling B Site.
  • T Connector/A Main: The main route for Terrorists into A Site. It's often heavily contested and crucial for site takes.
  • CT Spawn: The Counter-Terrorists' starting point. It's important for B Site retakes and controlling rotations to A Site.
  • Sidewalk: Running from Lower B/B Ramp to Z Connector, this area is key for B Site defenses and rotations.

Gabriele from Clash.gg, a seasoned CS2 player, emphasized the importance of mastering these callouts. "Understanding these areas transforms your gameplay. It's not just about shooting skills; it’s about strategic positioning and team communication," he said.


When was Train released?


The Train map in Counter-Strike from Valve was released in 2000.


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