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Baggage smokes in CS2 (CSGO)

Mastering Baggage smokes in the fps game Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) from Valve is essential for dominating the map. This guide provides all the necessary smoke lineups for Baggage. It is a resource for improving defensive and offensive gameplay with smokes in Baggage.


All CS2 Baggage smokes

Conveyor Belt Smoke from LoungeBlocks view from the conveyor belt to the lounge.
Sniper's Nest Smoke from HallObscures sniper's line of sight from the hall.
Central Hall Smoke from CatwalkCuts off vision across the central hall.
Lounge Entry Smoke from BalconyHides entrance to the lounge from the balcony.
Baggage Claim Smoke from StairsBlocks visibility at baggage claim from stairs.
Catwalk Cross Smoke from OfficeObscures cross to catwalk from office area.
Checkpoint Smoke from BaggageConceals checkpoint area from the baggage zone.
Hall to Lounge Smoke from SpawnBlocks view from spawn towards the lounge.

Baggage smokes image Best smokes lineups in Baggage

Top CS2 smokes in Baggage:

  • Conveyor Belt Smoke from Lounge: This smoke is crucial for blocking the line of sight from the conveyor belt to the lounge area. It creates a strategic advantage for players moving through the lounge.
  • Sniper's Nest Smoke from Hall: Deploying this smoke effectively blinds the sniper's view from the nest, providing safe passage through the hall. It's a game-changer in controlling key sniping spots.
  • Central Hall Smoke from Catwalk: This smoke setup is essential for cutting off visibility across the central hall. It allows players to maneuver without being seen from the catwalk.
  • Lounge Entry Smoke from Balcony: A perfect throw here obscures the entrance to the lounge from the balcony. It's effective in surprise attacks or when taking control of the lounge area.
  • Baggage Claim Smoke from Stairs: By deploying this smoke, visibility at the baggage claim from the stairs is blocked. This tactic is vital in securing the lower baggage area during critical moments of the game.
  • Catwalk Cross Smoke from Office: This smoke is key in obscuring the cross to the catwalk from the office area. It provides a strategic cover for players moving across these points.

Gabriele from Clash.gg noted that "the effective use of these smokes in Baggage can dramatically change the dynamics of a match. Mastering them is not just about knowing where to throw but also understanding the timing and the impact on the overall strategy."


Should you know how to smoke in Baggage?


Yes, you should know how to smoke in Baggage as it provides strategic advantages in CS2, crucial for controlling key areas and surprising opponents.


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