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Anubis callouts in CS2 (CSGO)

This guide shows the callouts of the Anubis Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) map. Mastering Anubis in CS2 requires understanding callouts for effective navigation and strategy in gameplay. This applies to both attacking and defending.


Anubis callouts table


Callout name and description are listed in the following table:

T SpawnStarting point for Terrorists, initiating each round.
AlleyAdjacent to T Spawn, a pathway leading to middle and B side.
RuinsSituated between B Long and T Spawn, connecting top mid and B bombsite.
Top MidOn the Terrorist side of Middle, en route to Bridge.
B LongThe stretch from B Bombsite to Ruins, the primary entry to B.
GateThe archway leading into B Bombsite from B Long.
IvyOpposite side of Gate's archway, named for its wall vegetation.
HeavenRaised area in Ruins, overseeing potential CT push on B long.
PillarOne of the two pillars in B Bombsite, commonly the closer right one.
DefaultPreferred bomb plant spot in B, shielded from CT view from Street.
ConnectorIndoor path near Pillar, linking Middle to B Bombsite.
WaterCentral lower map area, characterized by its prominent water body.
ArchesContains two round archways in the canal, leading towards A side.
WoodNear Boat, noted for wooden floor and adjacent closed door.
B SiteCentral area of B Bombsite, surrounded by notable landmarks.
Back SitePart of B Bombsite hidden from Gate, flanked by large pillars.
NinjaA concealed corner next to Back Site, a favorite hideout for CTs.
BridgeElevated path at the map's center, above Water/Canal.
Double DoorsIncludes two mid-map doors and area leading to Bridge.
PalaceLarge indoor area linking B Site to Middle and T Spawn.
StreetPath below Sniper, connecting CT Spawn to B Site.
SniperHigh vantage point overseeing T movement towards B from Gate.
StairsDescending stairs to Water/Canal from Alley, a quick T route.
MiddleLarge CT-side area around Double Doors, crucial for CT control.
CavePassage from CT Spawn towards B side.
A ConnectorWalkway from Middle to A Site, commonly used by CTs.
PlateauSpacious area post A Connector, leading into A Heaven.
DropPart of Boat, allowing Ts to drop to Canal from T Upper.
CT SpawnCounter-Terrorist starting point each round.
HeavenElevated platform in A Site, overlooking A Site entrances.
MainArea between A Bombsite and Water, a primary T entry to A Site.
HeadshotBehind boxes at A Bombsite, ideal for holding CTs from Main.
BoatLarge area near Canal, offering multiple entries to A.
TunnelNarrow path from CT Spawn to A Heaven.
FountainRaised area with a fountain, in front of A Main.
UpperAbove Drop, a strategic T spot for controlling Water.
A SiteAround a pillar resembling a truncated tree, at A Bombsite center.
BeachIsolated area behind CT spawn, with sandy terrain and a boat.
CornerImmediate left area entering B Bombsite from Long/Gate.
Back Site (A)CT side of A Bombsite, adjacent to a gated door.

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Most famous Anubis callouts


Top 10 CS2 callouts in Anubis map:

  • T Spawn: A vital starting point for the Terrorist team. This area is the hub from where strategies unfold each round.
  • B Long: Crucial for map control, B Long serves as the main route for Terrorists attacking the B Bombsite.
  • Ruins: Offering strategic flexibility, Ruins connects B Long and T Spawn, pivotal for mid-round plays.
  • Gate: This archway is a key entry point to the B Bombsite, often a hotspot for intense skirmishes.
  • Heaven (B Site): An elevated area within Ruins, Heaven offers a vantage point to oversee B Long and the bombsite.
  • Connector: This indoor pathway is essential for quick rotations between Middle and B Bombsite.
  • Middle: Controlling Middle is crucial for map dominance, providing access to multiple key areas.
  • Double Doors: Situated at the map's center, Double Doors is a strategic choke point for both teams.
  • A Connector: A narrow path crucial for CTs to defend and control the A Site.
  • Palace: A large indoor area, often used for rotations and sneaky plays, connecting B Site to Middle and T Spawn.

Gabriele from Clash.gg highlighted the significance of understanding these callouts. He noted, "In high-level CS2 play, mastering Anubis callouts like Middle and B Long can dramatically improve team coordination and strategy execution. These callouts are not just locations; they represent key battlegrounds that can decide the outcome of a match."


When was Anubis released?


The Anubis map in Counter-Strike from Valve was released in 2020.


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