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Shortdust flashes in CS2 (CS:GO)

Mastering Shortdust flashes in the fps game Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) from Valve is essential for dominating the map. This guide provides all the necessary flash lineups for Shortdust. It is a resource for improving defensive and offensive gameplay with flashes in Shortdust.


All CS2 Shortdust flashes

A Site Retake from CTThrow flash over the A site building to blind attackers on site.
Mid Control from T SpawnAim and throw flash off the mid doors to blind defenders peeking from window or double doors.
B Site Entry from TunnelsBounce flash off the tunnel walls to blind anyone in B site or car position.
Long A Push from T LongFlash over Long A doors to push defenders back towards A site.
Catwalk Push from XboxThrow flash over the catwalk ledge to blind defenders on A site or catwalk.
Short A Push from Lower TunnelsFlash thrown over short A to blind defenders on A site or goose.
B Split from MidFlash into CT Mid from Upper Tunnels to assist teammates pushing from lower tunnels.
CT Mid to B from Outside B TunnelsFlash high into CT Mid to blind defenders in CT or close mid.
A Long Control from CTFlash over A Long for CTs to retake control from T side players.
Ramp Rush from T SpawnThrow a flash high over A ramp to blind defenders on A site or car.
B Doors Defense from B SiteFlash through B doors to push back T side players in tunnels.
A Site Defense from GooseFlash towards A Long to delay a push and blind attackers.
Mid to B Delay from CT SpawnFlash mid doors from CT spawn to slow down a T side mid to B push.

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Best flashes lineups in Shortdust


Top 10 CS2 flashes in Shortdust:

  1. A Site Retake from CT Base: Players aim above the A site building, ensuring the flash pops right before landing, blinding attackers without giving them time to react.
  2. Mid Control from Upper Tunnels: Aim towards the mid doors and let the flash bounce off the walls, allowing teammates to gain control over mid area safely.
  3. B Site Quick Entry: Specifically designed for B site rushes, throw the flash high into the air as you enter from tunnels to blind defenders on the site or back platform.
  4. Long A Conquest: From T spawn, a well-thrown flash over the Long A doors can push back CT defenders, allowing for a smoother entry.
  5. Catwalk Assault from Lower Tunnels: By throwing a flash that bounces off the catwalk ledge, attackers can blind defenders positioned on A site or catwalk, making it easier to take control.
  6. Short A Aggression: A quick pop flash thrown over the Short A walls can disorient defenders on A site, crucial for taking site control with minimal resistance.
  7. B Split Support from Mid: This flash, thrown from Upper Tunnels towards CT Mid, assists teammates in making a B split push by blinding CTs in CT Mid or those rotating from A.
  8. Defensive Mid Control from CT: CTs can use this flash by throwing it towards T Mid to prevent a quick T side mid control, essential for delaying T's strategy.
  9. A Long Defense for CTs: Thrown from A site towards Long, this flash can repel an aggressive T push, buying time for CT rotations.
  10. Post-Plant B Site: From the B site, throwing a flash towards tunnels or window can delay a CT retake, giving Ts a better chance to hold post-plant positions.

Gabriele from Clash.gg shared that mastering the art of flashing in Shortdust significantly improved their team's win rate on the map. They emphasized the importance of timing and the element of surprise, particularly with the B Site Quick Entry and Catwalk Assault flashes, which often turned the tide in their favor during crucial rounds.


Should you know how to flash in Shortdust?


Yes, you should know how to flash in Shortdust to gain strategic advantages and improve your team's chances of winning.


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