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Baggage flashes in CS2 (CS:GO)

Mastering Baggage flashes in the fps game Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) from Valve is essential for dominating the map. This guide provides all the necessary flash lineups for Baggage. It is a resource for improving defensive and offensive gameplay with flashes in Baggage.


All CS2 Baggage flashes

Mid Control Flash from T SpawnBlinds enemies near mid giving control over the central area.
A Site Quick Pop from Main EntrancePerfect for quick site takes, blinds corner and site positions.
B Site Entry from Lower TunnelsIdeal for B pushes, blinds anyone on site or close to the tunnel exit.
Sniper's Nest Counter from A LongDisorients snipers holding angles from A site towards A long.
Luggage Hold Flash from Baggage HallBlinds defenders holding angles in Luggage or Baggage Hall.
Conveyor Belt Aggression from B ShortSupports aggressive plays on B, blinding enemies near Conveyor Belt.
A Long Control from T RoofProvides T side control of A long, blinding defensive positions.
B Ramp Rush from MidEssential for fast B ramp takes, blinds defensive setups.
Control Room Takeover from Outside BDisables Control Room visibility, essential for B site executions.
A Site Retake from CT SpawnVital for CTs retaking A, blinds terrorists planted or holding post-plant positions.
Mid to B Quick Transition from CatwalkEnables quick B rotations, blinding mid to B defenders.
Defensive A Main Flash from A SiteCT use to prevent T pushes through A Main, blinding advancing Ts.

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Best flashes lineups in Baggage


Top 10 CS2 flashes in Baggage:

  1. T Spawn to Mid Control Flash: Throws light on the importance of gaining early mid control, blinding opponents peeking from central angles.
  2. Main Entrance Quick Pop to A Site: Facilitates rapid A site takes, disorienting defenders positioned around the site and corners.
  3. Lower Tunnels to B Site Entry: Critical for teams pushing B, this flash blinds defenders on the site or near the tunnel exit, allowing for a smoother site entry.
  4. A Long to Sniper's Nest Counter: Targets snipers holding long angles, making it safer for attackers to move through A long without being picked off.
  5. Baggage Hall to Luggage Hold: Essential for preventing defenders from comfortably holding angles within the Baggage Hall or near luggage areas.
  6. B Short to Conveyor Belt Aggression: Supports aggressive plays toward B, especially useful for blinding enemies positioned around the Conveyor Belt area.
  7. T Roof to A Long Control: Grants control over A long, a crucial area for setting up site takes or fakes.
  8. Mid to B Ramp Rush: A cornerstone for quick B ramp takes, disrupting any defensive setup waiting in B.
  9. Outside B to Control Room Takeover: Makes B site executions feasible by removing enemy sightlines from the control room.
  10. CT Spawn to A Site Retake: An indispensable tool for CTs looking to retake A, blinding terrorists in post-plant situations.

Gabriele from Clash.gg mentioned, "One of the most overlooked yet effective flashes for Baggage is the B Short to Conveyor Belt Aggression. It's astonishing how often it turns the tide of a round, allowing for unexpected plays and site control."


Should you know how to flash in Baggage?


Yes, you should know how to flash in Baggage to gain tactical advantages and control key areas effectively.


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