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Vertigo callouts in CS2 (CSGO)

This guide shows the callouts of the Vertigo Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) map. Mastering Vertigo in CS2 requires understanding callouts for effective navigation and strategy in gameplay. This applies to both attacking and defending.


Vertigo callouts table


Callout name and description are listed in the following table:

Under StairsLocated beneath B Stairs, this area offers a strategic view of Catwalk's underside.
B StairsThese stairs form a critical pathway from T Spawn to B Site, often utilized by Ts for site assaults.
UnderpassA narrow corridor linking Bridge and B Stairs, pivotal for Ts rotating between bombsites.
Save SpotNestled between Bridge and Underpass, this corner is a favored haven for safeguarding weapons in challenging rounds.
Big BoxThis substantial wooden crate, situated between A Ramp and Bridge, serves as cover for Ts monitoring A Ramp.
BridgeConnecting adjacent to Save Spot and A Ramp, this path also allows for strategic disposal of weapons.
SheetsA small alcove by A Ramp, housing building materials.
LadderThis ladder provides swift access to T Mid, essential for map navigation.
ToiletsLocated in T Spawn, these interactive toilets can conceal players and gear.
T SpawnThe Terrorist team's starting point, featuring quick routes to Bridge and essential amenities.
DarkA dimly lit area sandwiched between A Ramp and Big Box.
ScaffoldA key route for Ts moving to A Site from Bridge, connecting to Lane.
A RampA broad slope leading to A Site, frequented by Ts for rapid advances.
FenceSituated near Ramp, this elevated spot is ideal for CTs to survey Dark and A Site approaches.
Sand BagsA pair of sandbag crates at the junction of Fence and A Site, offering ambush opportunities.
Back BLocated at B Site's corner, connecting to Catwalk, it's a defensible position with a metal post for cover.
CatwalkThis platform links Back B and B Stairs, but leaves players vulnerable from below.
B SiteThe bomb planting zone between Electric Box, Catwalk, and Back B.
Electric BoxPositioned between CT Spawn and B Site, offering cover for B Site retakes.
ConnectorThis elevated area connects Mid to B Site and CT Spawn, offering a strategic viewpoint.
CT SpawnThe Counter-Terrorist team's starting area, with access to key map points.
HeadshotA vantage point between Top Mid and Connector, allowing only head visibility.
BoostA set of crates in T Mid, enabling elevated views of Mid.
MidA central map area, offering diverse site access points.
IronA collection of metal rods between Mid and T Mid.
T MidMid's section closest to T Spawn, typically used by Ts for mid control.
GeneratorPart of T Spawn's raised area, leading to T Mid.
T StairsStairs in T Spawn, crucial for accessing T Mid.
LaneA narrow path from Scaffold to A Short.
DoubleOrange crates adjacent to A Site, useful for CTs defending A Short.
A SiteThe bomb planting area encompassing A Short, A Ramp, and Double.
ElevatorA junction connecting A Site with Top Mid and Door.
DoorA narrow passage linking Elevator to CT Spawn and Heaven.
HeavenA strategic spot for CTs, bridging A Site and CT Spawn.
Top MidThe Mid segment nearest to CT Spawn, crucial for controlling Connector and Elevator.

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Most famous Vertigo callouts


Top 10 CS2 callouts in Vertigo map:

  • A Site: A pivotal bomb plant area, renowned for intense confrontations. Players often strategize here for bomb planting or defusal, making it a hotspot for action.
  • B Site: Another critical bomb site, known for its close-quarters combat. It's essential for players to communicate effectively here to control or reclaim the site.
  • Mid: The central map area, crucial for map control. Controlling Mid can provide significant tactical advantages, as it offers multiple attack routes.
  • T Spawn: The starting point for the Terrorist team, where initial strategies are formed. Its layout is key for planning early round movements.
  • CT Spawn: Counter-Terrorist starting area, from where defense strategies are initiated. Quick access to various map points makes it strategically important.
  • Connector: This spot is vital for map rotation, linking Mid to B Site and CT Spawn. Players often use it for quick transitions or surprise attacks.
  • A Ramp: A frequent combat zone for Ts advancing to A Site. Its open nature requires careful navigation, often involving smoke and flash strategies.
  • B Stairs: Serving as a main entry to B Site, it's a common route for Terrorists. The area demands keen awareness due to multiple angles of attack.
  • Heaven: Overlooking A Site, this spot is crucial for CTs. Its elevation provides a defensive advantage, making it a key area for site control.
  • Ladder: Offers quick vertical movement, crucial for fast rotations. Its strategic importance lies in enabling surprise attacks or swift position changes.

Gabriele from Clash.gg mentioned, "The real game-changer in Vertigo is mastering the art of timing and positioning. Especially at A Ramp and B Stairs, understanding enemy patterns and using smokes effectively can turn the tide of the game."


When was Vertigo released?


The Vertigo map in Counter-Strike from Valve was released in 2012.


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