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Lake grenades in CS2 (CS:GO)

Mastering Lake grenades in the fps game Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) from Valve is essential for dominating the map. This guide provides all the necessary grenade lineups for Lake. It is a resource for improving defensive and offensive gameplay with grenades in Lake.


All CS2 Lake grenades

Dock Clear Grenade from HillEnsures the dock area is clear of opponents by using a high trajectory throw from the hill.
House Entrance Grenade from GardenDislodges enemies hiding at the house entrance, thrown from the garden for precise impact.
Sniper Nest Grenade from LakeTargets the sniper's nest, thrown across the lake to flush out snipers with a direct hit.
Backyard Grenade from RoofClears the backyard area, thrown from the house roof for wide area coverage.
Patio Disruption Grenade from DockInterrupts enemy positions on the patio, thrown from the dock to land in the center area.
Window Blast Grenade from Tree LineBreaks enemy sightlines through the window, thrown from the tree line for an inside explosion.
Fishing Spot Grenade from BridgeClears enemies fishing or passing by, thrown from the bridge for a surprise attack.
Roof Access Grenade from BackyardPrevents enemy roof access, launched from the backyard to explode at common climb points.
Garden Hideout Grenade from PatioFlushes out players hiding in garden corners, thrown from the patio for targeted reach.
Balcony Control Grenade from HillGains control over the balcony area, thrown from the hill to land precisely on the balcony.
Pathway Clear Grenade from HouseEnsures pathways are clear for safe passage, thrown from within the house for strategic positioning.

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Best grenades lineups in Lake


Top 10 CS2 grenades in Lake:

  1. Dock Overthrow: A precise throw from the hill ensures the dock area is cleared, disrupting enemy lines before an aggressive push.
  2. Garden Entry Blast: From the outer garden, this grenade flushes enemies from the main house entrance, creating a safer entry point for your team.
  3. Sniper Nest Flush: Aimed from across the lake, this grenade effectively removes snipers from their perch, leveling the playing field.
  4. Backyard Clearance: Throwing from the house's roof, this grenade covers the backyard, preventing enemies from using it as a hideout.
  5. Patio Disruption: Launched from the dock, it lands in the patio area, scattering enemies and breaking their hold.
  6. Window Breaker: A strategic throw from the tree line that blasts through window positions, disrupting any indoor defenders.
  7. Fishing Spot Clear: From the bridge, this grenade targets popular fishing spots or pathways, clearing out lurking enemies.
  8. Roof Denial: Launched from the backyard to explode at common climbing points, preventing enemies from gaining a height advantage.
  9. Garden Corner Cleanse: A well-aimed throw from the patio that reaches deep garden corners, eliminating hidden foes.
  10. Balcony Takeover: From the hill, this grenade secures the balcony area, granting your team crucial vantage points.

Gabriele from Clash.gg mentioned, "Mastering these grenade spots on Lake has been a game-changer for our team. It's not just about having the right gear but knowing where and how to use it effectively. These lineups have given us a strategic edge in many tight matches."


Should you know how to use grenades in Lake?


Yes, you should know how to use grenades in Lake to gain tactical advantages and control key areas effectively.


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