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By Gabriele Asaro
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Shoots molotovs in CS2 (CS:GO)

Mastering Shoots molotovs in the fps game Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) from Valve is essential for dominating the map. This guide provides all the necessary molotov lineups for Shoots. It is a resource for improving defensive and offensive gameplay with molotovs in Shoots.


All CS2 Shoots molotovs

Mid Control Molotov from T SpawnQuickly establishes T control over mid by blocking off enemy vision and movement.
B Site Entrance Molotov from AlleyForces defenders out of common hiding spots near B site entrance.
A Long Block Molotov from A LobbyPrevents CT pushes, securing A long for a safer bomb plant setup.
Connector Molotov from Top MidCuts off rotations between sites, crucial for mid-game strategy.
Window Molotov from T RoofDislodges snipers, opening mid for safer passage or control.
Sniper's Nest Molotov from MidEssential for taking mid control, it flushes out defenders and denies sniper advantage.
B Ramp Control Molotov from T MidProvides T side a significant advantage by denying CTs early ramp control.
A Site Default Plant Molotov from A ShortEnsures a safer plant by clearing default spots and deterring close-range engagements.
CT Spawn Molotov from B ShortBlocks CT rotations, aiding in bomb site takeovers or post-plant scenarios.
B Back Site Molotov from B MainClears common hiding spots, facilitating site entry or flushing out defenders during retakes.
A Balcony Molotov from A RampTargets A site balcony defenders, a pivotal spot for defending against A site executes.

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Best molotovs lineups in Shoots


Top 10 CS2 molotovs in Shoots:

  1. T-Spawn to Mid Window: A pivotal molotov for taking early mid control. Gabriele notes this lineup disrupts enemy snipers, setting the pace for the round.
  2. A-Site Entrance from Long: Essential for pushing into A-site, this molotov clears out defenders tucked in corners, allowing for a smoother site entry.
  3. B-Site Plant Zone from Upper Tunnels: Targets the default plant spot on B-site, preventing defenders from defusing without taking damage.
  4. Connector Area from Mid: Cuts off quick rotations between sites. Gabriele highlights its importance in splitting the defense's focus.
  5. A-Short Control from A-Long: Secures A-short, providing a critical advantage for teams preparing for an A-site execute.
  6. B-Doors from T-Mid: A quick molotov that deters CTs from peeking or pushing through B-doors, crucial for mid to B strategies.
  7. Window to Ladder Room from T-Spawn: Ensures no enemy aggression through ladder room, a favorite tip from Gabriele to maintain map control.
  8. A-Site Boxes from A-Main: Forces enemies out of powerful positions on A-site, enabling safer bomb plants and post-plant setups.
  9. B-Site Retake from CT-Spawn: A retake molotov that flushes out Ts holding post-plant positions, giving CTs a fighting chance during retakes.
  10. Mid to B Split from T-Upper: Facilitates a split push towards B-site, a strategy Gabriele credits for numerous round wins.

Gabriele from Clash.gg said that these molotovs are not just game-changers but also morale boosters, showcasing the power of preparation and strategy in CS2. His first-hand experience underscores the advantage teams gain by incorporating these lineups into their playbooks.


Should you know how to molly in Shoots?


Yes, you should know how to molly in Shoots to control key areas and secure round wins.


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