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Italy smokes in CS2 (CSGO)

Mastering Italy smokes in the fps game Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) from Valve is essential for dominating the map. This guide provides all the necessary smoke lineups for Italy. It is a resource for improving defensive and offensive gameplay with smokes in Italy.


All CS2 Italy smokes

T-Spawn to MarketCovers Market view from T-Spawn, perfect for a surprise push.
Long Hall to ApartmentsObscures vision from Apartments, allowing safe passage through Long Hall.
Apartments to MidBlocks Mid sightlines, crucial for taking control of Mid.
B-Site Bridge to T-SpawnUseful for retreating or faking a B-site execution.
A-Site Archway from MidEssential for A-site takes, limits CTs' vision at Archway.
Mid to B-Site EntranceProvides cover when entering B-site from Mid, a strategic advantage.
CT-Spawn to A-SiteIdeal for post-plant situations, prevents defuse attempts from CT-Spawn.
Church to A-SiteHelps in isolating A-Site from Church, useful in late-round scenarios.

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Best smokes lineups in Italy


Top CS2 smokes in Italy:

  • Market Window from T-Spawn: A go-to smoke for offensive plays, this one obscures the Market window, allowing safer movement towards the bombsite.
  • Balcony to Mid: Throws a smoke from the Balcony to Mid, effectively blocking enemy sightlines, crucial for mid control.
  • A-Site Entry from Long: Ideal for A-site attacks, this smoke limits defensive visibility from the site, enabling a smoother site takeover.
  • B-Site Alley from T-Apartments: Provides cover in the narrow B-Site Alley, essential for advancing towards B-Site without exposure to enemy fire.
  • CT-Spawn to A-Site: In post-plant scenarios, this smoke can be invaluable, obstructing CTs' line of sight to the A-Site, hindering defusal efforts.
  • Church to B-Site: This strategic smoke from Church to B-Site is perfect for late-round plays, isolating the bombsite from one of the common retake points.

Gabriele from Clash.gg shared, "The key to mastering Italy smokes in CS2 lies in understanding the timing and placement. For instance, the Balcony to Mid smoke can create significant opportunities for mid control when used effectively."


Should you know how to smoke in Italy?


Yes, you should know how to smoke in Italy on CS2 as it's crucial for strategic map control and successful team plays.


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