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Canals smokes in CS2 (CSGO)

Mastering Canals smokes in the fps game Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) from Valve is essential for dominating the map. This guide provides all the necessary smoke lineups for Canals. It is a resource for improving defensive and offensive gameplay with smokes in Canals.


All CS2 Canals smokes

A-Site Entrance SmokeObscures view from A-Site to Main Entrance.
B-Site Balcony SmokeBlocks vision from B-Site to Balcony.
Mid Bridge SmokeCovers Middle Bridge sightlines.
CT Spawn to B-Site SmokeShields B-Site approach from CT Spawn.
T Spawn to A-Long SmokeConceals A-Long approach from T Spawn.
Canal to A-Site SmokeHides A-Site angles from Canal.
Sniper's Nest SmokeBlocks view from Sniper's Nest to Mid.
T Stairs to B-Alley SmokeMasks T Stairs approach to B-Alley.
CT Alley to Mid SmokeObscures Mid view from CT Alley.
A-Ramp to A-Site SmokeConceals A-Site view from A-Ramp.

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Best smokes lineups in Canals


Top CS2 smokes in Canals:

  • A-Site Entrance from T Stairs: This smoke blocks the line of sight from A-Site to the main entrance, a crucial tactic for taking control of A-Site. Gabriele from Clash.gg mentioned how effective this smoke can be for surprising opponents holding angles on A-Site.
  • B-Site Window from Mid: Essential for blocking views from the B-Site window. This allows your team to push towards B-Site with reduced risk. Gabriele observed that this smoke is particularly useful in late-round pushes.
  • Mid Control from T Spawn: Gaining control of the mid area is vital, and this smoke helps in achieving that by obscuring the view from CT Mid to T Mid. According to Gabriele, this smoke can often lead to successful mid-takes.
  • CT Spawn to B-Site: A defensive smoke used to prevent CTs from getting a clear view of B-Site. Gabriele has found this to be indispensable when holding post-plant situations.
  • Canal Push from T Ramp: This innovative smoke blocks the line of sight from Canal, allowing for a safer approach towards A-Site. Gabriele mentioned that this strategy often catches the opposing team off-guard.

Should you know how to smoke in Canals?


Yes, you should know how to smoke in Canals in CS2 as it's crucial for strategic area control and securing advantages in key map positions.


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