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Italy molotovs in CS2 (CS:GO)

Mastering Italy molotovs in the fps game Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) from Valve is essential for dominating the map. This guide provides all the necessary molotov lineups for Italy. It is a resource for improving defensive and offensive gameplay with molotovs in Italy.


All CS2 Italy molotovs

T Stairs to Market MolotovBlocks vision and access from Market, forcing enemies out or deterring their push through the area.
Apartments Balcony to Courtyard MolotovEnsures clearing of Courtyard by flushing out enemies hiding in corners or behind crates.
Mid Street to Second Mid MolotovControls Mid Street, preventing quick rotations and aggressive peeks from the CT side.
T Spawn to A Short MolotovDelays CT pushes or peeks from A Short, providing safer passage for Ts to control A site angles.
CT Spawn to B Site Entrance MolotovPrevents CTs from holding close angles at B Site entrance, allowing Ts to execute or fake B pushes.
A Long from Apartments MolotovForces defenders out of A Long, making it easier to take control of the A site.
B Site Dark Corner MolotovClears the common hiding spot in B Site, critical for post-plant situations or site takes.
A Site Graveyard MolotovTargets CTs hiding in Graveyard, a pivotal position for retaking or defending A Site.
B Site Fountain MolotovEnsures no CTs are hiding around Fountain, allowing for a safer plant or site control.
Second Mid to Mid Control MolotovGains early Mid control by denying CT aggression or information gathering in Mid.
Chicken Coop to Sniper's Nest MolotovDislodges snipers or defenders holding angles from Sniper's Nest towards B Site or Mid.

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Best molotovs lineups in Italy


Top 10 CS2 molotovs in Italy:

  1. Apartment's Kitchen to Alleyway: Forces enemies out of a common hideout, opening the path for a safer push.
  2. Marketplace to Bridge Entrance: Prevents snipers from holding long angles, ensuring safe passage through the marketplace.
  3. T Spawn to Mid: Delays aggressive CT pushes, securing early round map control for the T side.
  4. CT Spawn to B Site Entrance: Blocks off one of the fastest routes for CTs, aiding in B site executions.
  5. A Site Balcony to Courtyard: Clears out defenders from the courtyard, crucial for A site takes.
  6. Underpass to Mid: Stops mid control by CTs, allowing for split pushes to either bombsite.
  7. Church to B Site: Disrupts players holding angles from Church, a pivotal post-plant position.
  8. A Long to Site Boxes: Flushing out defenders from behind the boxes, facilitating site entry.
  9. B Apartments to Garden: Ensures no one can hide in the garden, a common spot for ambushes.
  10. Mid to CT Arch: Cuts off rotations, isolating A site defenders from their teammates.

Gabriele from Clash.gg emphasized the importance of the Marketplace to Bridge Entrance molotov. In his experience, controlling the bridge is key to dominating Italy, as it prevents the opposing team from easily sniping or spotting your team's movements. This single molotov can significantly increase your team's success rate on T side, underscoring the strategic depth that well-placed utility can bring to a match.


Should you know how to molly in Italy?


Yes, you should know how to molly in Italy as it controls key areas and disrupts enemy positions.


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