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Shoots grenades in CS2 (CS:GO)

Mastering Shoots grenades in the fps game Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) from Valve is essential for dominating the map. This guide provides all the necessary grenade lineups for Shoots. It is a resource for improving defensive and offensive gameplay with grenades in Shoots.


All CS2 Shoots grenades

A-Site Defender Entrance GrenadeClears common hiding spots near the site entrance, forcing defenders out.
B-Site Boxes GrenadeTargets the area behind the boxes, a popular spot for opponents to camp.
Mid Control Grenade from SpawnAllows for early mid control by pushing back enemies trying to peek or cross mid.
Connector Ambush GrenadeIdeal for disrupting players moving through the connector to rotate between sites.
Sniper's Nest Grenade from MidDislodges snipers or observers holding angles from this elevated position.
T-Spawn to A-Short GrenadeProvides a quick area denial to slow down aggressive plays from the A-Short position.
CT-Spawn to B-Window GrenadeEffective for flushing out defenders holding angles from B-Window towards the site.
A-Long Pressure GrenadeUseful for teams pushing A-Long, forcing defenders to reposition.
B-Site Retake Grenade from CT-SpawnCrucial for CTs trying to retake B-Site, clearing common post-plant positions.
A-Site Post-Plant Grenade from PitAllows attackers to maintain control over the bomb site post-plant from a distance.
B-Tunnels Control GrenadeHelps in taking control of B-Tunnels, preventing or slowing down flanks and rotations.
A-Ramp Aggression GrenadeUsed early in the round to deter or damage opponents pushing up A-Ramp aggressively.

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Best grenades lineups in Shoots


Top 10 CS2 grenades in Shoots:

  1. A-Site Quick Entry Grenade: A fast-acting explosive that clears the common defender spots around A-Site, making it invaluable for quick site takes.
  2. B-Site Defensive Grenade: Designed for defenders, this grenade is perfect for deterring aggressive rushes, keeping attackers at bay.
  3. Mid Control High Explosive (HE) Grenade: A crucial piece for gaining or maintaining control of the mid-section, often turning the tide of the match.
  4. Connector Clear Grenade: Thrown from various angles, it flushes out enemies hiding in or around the connector area.
  5. Sniper Nest Disruption Grenade: Specifically aimed at neutralizing threats from snipers lurking in elevated positions.
  6. T-Spawn to Mid Grenade: This strategic throw can surprise mid-peakers, potentially snagging an early advantage.
  7. CT-Spawn to A-Site Grenade: Allows defending CTs to stall or weaken an A-site push without exposing themselves.
  8. B-Site Retake Grenade: A go-to for CTs planning a B-site retake, effectively dislodging attackers from strong post-plant positions.
  9. A-Long Control Grenade: Grants attackers a safer passage by discouraging CTs from holding aggressive angles on A-Long.
  10. B-Tunnels Power Grenade: Empowers CTs to challenge T-side control over B-Tunnels, a key area for map control.

Gabriele from Clash.gg shared, "Utilizing these grenades effectively on Shoots can dramatically change the outcome of rounds. For instance, the Mid Control HE Grenade has been a game-changer in our strategies, allowing us to establish dominance early in the round. It's about not just knowing where to throw but also when to throw."


Should you know how to use grenades in Shoots?


Yes, you should know how to use grenades in Shoots to gain strategic advantages.


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