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Overpass callouts in CS2 (CSGO)

This guide shows the callouts of the Overpass Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) map. Mastering Overpass in CS2 requires understanding callouts for effective navigation and strategy in gameplay. This applies to both attacking and defending.


Overpass callouts table


Callout name and description are listed in the following table:

A SiteThe bomb-planting zone in A bombsite.
B SiteThe wooden platform in B bombsite for bomb-planting.
T SpawnTerrorists' starting point at the map's bottom.
A LongThe lengthy park path from Mid/Fountain to A bombsite, a sniper's haven.
Upper TunnelsTunnels linking T Spawn to Mid, outside A. Connects to Lower Tunnels towards Connector.
Lower TunnelsTunnels from Upper Tunnels to Connector, via a ladder.
ConnectorLinks Lower Tunnels to outside Toilets on A side.
PartyPicnic-benched, balloon-adorned platform beside Toilets.
MidArea adjoining Toilets, Party, and Connector's exit. Transits from Fountain to Toilets.
FountainAround the A-side Fountain, preceding Mid.
PlaygroundFenced area behind Fountain, opposite Upper Tunnels exit towards A from T Spawn.
RockLocated on A Long, a potential enemy hideout when pushing Long as a Terrorist.
TreeTo A Long's left, near Long Toilets. A hiding spot, invisible to enemies initially checking Long from Playground. Can be wallbanged.
Long ToiletsExtends from Toilets onto A Long.
Long BoostFlowerbed near A Long, accessible by a skillful jump or boost. Offers a vantage point onto A Site.
Close Left (Long)A corner near A Long's exit onto A Site, good for hiding.
VanPositioned at A Bombsite's rear, adjacent to Bank.
BankAt A Bombsite's back, offers a comprehensive view over the site and next to a dumpster for cover.
Default (A)A Bombsite's typical planting spot, nestled between two green boxes opposite the entrance from Mid.
OptimusTruck on A Site's right when approaching from Mid or A Long.
BinsAt A Bombsite's back, linking to Snipers and B. Also known as "dumpster."
ToiletsLong Toilets/Restrooms stretch from Mid to A entrance.
A ShortNear A Site entrance, where Mid turns into A Short, leading to the entrance stairs.
FlowersFlowerbed left of Toilets approaching A Bombsite. Can be used for headcamping.
CTIndicates players at A's back, in stairwells and tunnels between Snipers, Stairs, and Bank.
MonsterTunnel directly leading into B from T Spawn.
TracksOutside Monster tunnel, routes to both Monster and Short Tunnel.
Short TunnelLeads towards Construction/Water.
WaterWater-logged area beside B Short, Connector, and Short Tunnel.
SqueakyDoor at Connector's end leading to Construction/Water.
B ShortB Site entrance from Construction/Water, with a sandbag set.
SandbagsOn B Short, often used as a hiding spot.
SewersArea accessible when approaching B Site from Monster.
PillarCentral, circular pillar on B Site.
Toxic BarrelsBarrels at B Site's side, overlooking Monster exit.
PitDark, water-covered area behind B Bombsite. Dropping from Heaven lands here.
HeavenElevated platform overseeing B, full vantage point.
GraffitiBoxed corner at B's back. Boosting here offers a Construction/Water viewpoint.
CafeSign across from the bench, opposite Long Toilets' other side.
BenchOpposite Cafe.
StorageBetween Bank and Stairs near A Site.
BridgeConcrete stretch beside B Site from Sandbags to Walkway.
BoostSpot for boosting from Water to view B Site.
LadderConnects Upper to Lower Tunnels.
SignpostNear A Site, spanning between exits to A Long and A Short.
HitmarkerAt A Long's start, where Terrorists first expose to A Long. Noted for wall-clipping AWP shots.

Overpass callouts image


Most famous Overpass callouts


Top 10 CS2 callouts in Overpass map:

  • Monster: The crucial tunnel leading directly to B site from T Spawn. Known for intense firefights, it's a focal point in many strategies.
  • Heaven: An elevated platform overseeing B site. Heaven offers a comprehensive vantage point, crucial for defending the site.
  • Connector: This pivotal area links the Lower Tunnels to outside Toilets on A side. Control over Connector can dictate the flow of the game.
  • Bank: Located at A Bombsite's rear, Bank provides strategic vision over much of the A site and adjacent areas.
  • A Long: This lengthy path from Mid/Fountain to A bombsite is a sniper's domain. Control here is vital for both offense and defense.
  • B Short: The primary entry to B Site from Construction/Water. Dominance here can lead to successful site captures or defenses.
  • Toilets: The comprehensive stretch from Mid to the entrance of A, offering numerous tactical play options.
  • T Spawn: Where Terrorists begin. Mastery of spawn tactics here can set the tone for the entire round.
  • A Site: The bomb-planting zone in A bombsite. It's not just a location; it's the climax of many strategies.
  • Pit: This shadowy area behind B Bombsite, known for its water coverage, can be a game-changing spot for ambushes.

Gabriele from Clash.gg mentioned, "In Overpass, understanding these callouts can make the difference between a win and a loss. Especially in high-stakes matches, knowing areas like Monster and Heaven inside out is crucial."


When was Overpass released?


The Overpass map in Counter-Strike from Valve was released in 2013.


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