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Office grenades in CS2 (CS:GO)

Mastering Office grenades in the fps game Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) from Valve is essential for dominating the map. This guide provides all the necessary grenade lineups for Office. It is a resource for improving defensive and offensive gameplay with grenades in Office.


All CS2 Office grenades

Lobby to Front OfficeClears corner near the entrance.
Break Room to Side HallTargets hallway entrance.
Main Hall to ConferenceDislodges players behind the table.
Parking Lot to Window OfficeHits window area from outside.
Back Alley to Paper OfficeCovers back office area.
Warehouse to KitchenClears kitchen from warehouse entry.
Roof to Back StairsTargets staircase from roof.
Side Office to Main OfficeAffects central office space.
Front Entrance to ReceptionCovers reception from entrance.
Garage to Server RoomClears server room from garage side.
Stairwell to BasementTargets lower level areas.
Courtyard to Upper HallsReaches upper hallways from courtyard.
Balcony to Projector RoomHits projector room from balcony.

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Best grenades lineups in Office


Top 10 CS2 grenades in Office:

  1. Lobby to Front Office Explosion: Essential for clearing enemies lurking around the entrance corner. This grenade can be a game-changer in taking control of the front office area swiftly.
  2. Break Room to Side Hall Explosion: Perfect for targeting opponents making their way through the side hall. Timing this grenade can disrupt enemy movements and provide your team with a tactical edge.
  3. Main Hall to Conference Room Explosion: Dislodge adversaries hiding behind conference room tables. This strategy creates opportunities for advancing into the room with reduced resistance.
  4. Parking Lot to Window Office Explosion: From the parking lot, this grenade hits the window area, flushing out snipers or defenders. It's a crucial move for gaining upper hand in window office skirmishes.
  5. Back Alley to Paper Office Explosion: Covers the back office area, making it safer to navigate or prepare for a breach. It's a strategic play to control crucial office spaces.
  6. Warehouse to Kitchen Explosion: Clears the kitchen area, disrupting enemy setups and providing a path for team advancement. This grenade is vital for kitchen control.
  7. Roof to Back Stairs Explosion: Targets the staircase from the roof, a strategic move to cut off enemy retreats or reinforcements coming from the back stairs.
  8. Side Office to Main Office Explosion: Affects the central office space, ideal for disorienting players inside and assisting team entry or defense.
  9. Front Entrance to Reception Explosion: Secures the reception area from frontal assaults, essential for controlling the main entrance and surrounding zones.
  10. Garage to Server Room Explosion: Clears the server room from the garage side, an important tactic for securing or retaking control of this key area.

Gabriele from Clash.gg emphasized the importance of mastering these grenades, sharing that strategic grenade use in Office can turn the tide of a match. Properly executed, these grenades offer not just damage but also psychological advantage, disrupting enemy plans and boosting team morale.


Should you know how to use grenades in Office?


Yes, you should know how to use grenades in Office to gain strategic advantages and control key areas effectively.


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