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Lake molotovs in CS2 (CS:GO)

Mastering Lake molotovs in the fps game Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) from Valve is essential for dominating the map. This guide provides all the necessary molotov lineups for Lake. It is a resource for improving defensive and offensive gameplay with molotovs in Lake.


All CS2 Lake molotovs

Riverside Shack Molotov from BridgeQuickly clears out enemies hiding in the shack with a precise throw from the bridge.
Pier Control Molotov from HillDenies enemy movement on the pier, thrown from the elevated hill position.
Boathouse Window Molotov from LakesideSeals off boathouse entry by targeting the window, thrown from the lakeside path.
Backyard Retreat Molotov from RoofPrevents opponents from retreating into the backyard, deployed from an angle on the roof.
Dock Denial Molotov from Forest EdgeBlocks access to the dock, ensuring control over the area, thrown from the forest's edge.
Sniper's Nest Molotov from GardenDislodges snipers by targeting their nest from a position within the garden.
Underpass Flush Molotov from CliffClears underpass routes, effectively thrown from the cliff overlook.
Gazebo Gather Molotov from WaterfallTargets enemy gatherings in the gazebo, can be thrown accurately from near the waterfall.
Fishing Spot Molotov from BoatDisrupts players hiding at the fishing spot, with a throw possible from a stationary boat.
Pathway Block Molotov from TowerPrevents enemy advancement along key pathways, deployed from the tower.
Campsite Clear Molotov from HillsideEliminates hidden foes at the campsite, thrown from a vantage point on the hillside.

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Best molotovs lineups in Lake


Top 10 CS2 molotovs in Lake:

  1. Garden to Dockside Entry: A precise throw from the garden area that blocks enemies from accessing the dockside, essential for controlling the map's flow.
  2. Cliff Overlook to Boathouse: Targeting the boathouse from the cliff overlook denies enemies a crucial hideout, pivotal for map control.
  3. Rooftop Toss into Courtyard: From the map's highest points, this molotov clears the courtyard, preventing enemy gatherings.
  4. Bridge to Riverside Shack: A direct throw from the bridge that flushes out opponents taking cover in the riverside shack.
  5. Lakeside to Underpass: Deterring enemy movement through the underpass, this lineup is vital for cutting off flanking routes.
  6. Hillside Perch to Sniper Nest: Displaces snipers by targeting their common hideouts, thrown from the hillside.
  7. Waterfall Edge to Gazebo: Disrupts strategic holds within the gazebo, crucial for regaining control of central areas.
  8. Forest Boundary to Campsite: Clears the campsite, a common area for opponents to regroup or hide, thrown from the forest's edge.
  9. Tower to Pathway Block: Prevents enemy progression along key pathways, ensuring your team's mobility isn't compromised.
  10. Boat Launch to Fishing Spot: Targets players hiding at the fishing spot, a molotov thrown from the boat launch area can be unexpectedly effective.

Gabriele from Clash.gg shared that mastering these molotov lineups on Lake has been a game-changer for his team, often tipping the balance in close matches. He emphasizes the importance of practice, noting that the precision and timing learned here have been crucial for their success in tournaments.


Should you know how to molly in Shortdust?


Yes, you should know how to use molotovs in Lake to control space and disrupt enemy strategies effectively.


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