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Dust 2 callouts in CS2 (CSGO)

This guide shows the callouts of the Dust 2 Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) map. Mastering Dust 2 in CS2 requires understanding callouts for effective navigation and strategy in gameplay. This applies to both attacking and defending.


Dust 2 callouts table


Callout name and description are listed in the following table:

A ShortConnects mid to the A bombsite. Popular among Ts for eco/pistol round rushes or A site pincer attacks.
T SpawnTerrorist spawn point. Offers mid-view to observe CT movements towards B.
T RampRamp leading from T Spawn to B Tunnels. Specifically denotes the ramp, not the adjacent T Platform.
T PlatRaised platform near T Spawn, overlooking B Tunnels. Features brick stacks for strategic positioning.
Outside TunnelsBroad area outside B Tunnels near T Spawn. Encompasses a significant open space.
Upper B TunnelsSection of B Tunnels stretching from T Spawn entrance to the B site chokepoint.
Lower B TunnelsSection from Upper Tunnels stairs to mid-corridor, ending at mid archway.
CloseLeft corner exiting B Tunnels onto B site. Critical for Ts to check due to its proximity and potential threat.
B ClosetCorner on B Site by the car, right from Tunnels exit or left of B doors.
B CarArea behind the car on B site, between Tunnels exit and B doors. Distinct from Closet.
FenceFenced area on B Site, offering concealment from Ts advancing from Tunnels.
B PlatElevated area on B site, opposite B Tunnels exit. Key for bomb planting strategies.
Back PlatRear section of B Plat, used when a player is positioned at the far edge.
Big BoxLarge box on B site, akin to Xbox in mid, situated between B Plat and the bombsite.
Double StackTwo stacked boxes at B site center, distinct from B Window boxes.
B Default PlantPreferred bomb planting spot on B site, nestled by the brick wall below B Window, adjacent to B Doors.
B WindowElevated opening in B site's brick wall, accessed via stacked boxes. Vital for both defending and retaking B.
B Back SiteArea at B site's rear, viewed from Tunnels Exit. Extends behind boxes, bordering B Plat.
B DoorsDouble doors connecting CT Mid to B site.
B BoxesBoxes situated between CT Mid and B Doors, used for overseeing mid to B transitions.
ScaffoldingBuilding materials beside B Window, offering strategic vantage points for mid to B pushes.
CT MidSpace linking B Site, Mid, and CT Spawn. Located behind mid doors, adjacent to CT Spawn.
Mid DoorsMid's double doors.
Close Mid DoorsCorner right of Mid Doors from Mid to CT Spawn. Known as 'Hiko' after a notable play by the pro player.
XboxMid box near doors, facilitating access to Catwalk and A Short. Opposite Lower B Tunnels exit.
MidCentral map area from Mid Doors to Top Mid, typically defined by its sloping terrain.
PalmArea near Catwalk's top, once home to a palm tree, now featuring a telephone mast.
Right Side MidIndented area on Mid's right when viewed from Mid Doors towards T Spawn, primarily called by CTs.
Top MidUpper Mid area, linking Suicide with Mid.
SuicidePit for quick access from T Spawn to Top Mid, risky due to potential AWPers.
Outside LongOpen space outside Long Doors on T side, linking T Spawn to Long Doors and A Long.
Long DoorsDouble Doors from Outside Long to A Long.
BlueLarge blue crate opposite A Long Doors.
Side PitGround area between Pit and A Long Doors, transitioning to Pit as terrain slopes.
PitSloped area outside Long Doors, ending at A Long, offering concealment from A Site.
Pit PlatRight platform of Pit when viewed from its base, providing sniping angles to A site.
A LongStretch connecting Long Doors and Pit to A Bombsite.
Long CornerBuilding corner closest to Long Doors, a common CT hold against A Long pushes.
A CarArea by the car on A Long's right, useful for overseeing A Short or Long.
A CrossExposed area linking A Long to A Site, visible from multiple angles.
A RampInclined path from A Cross to A Bombsite.
A Default PlantDefault A site bomb plant spot, optimized for visibility from multiple angles.
BarrelsBarrels set behind A Site, near mesh fencing.
GooseEnclosed area behind A Site and Barrels, marked by a goose spraypaint.
ElevatorA Site Platform corner nearest to CT Spawn, used for boosting during retakes.
Short BoostDumpsters outside CT Spawn on A side, utilized for quick A Short boosts.
A PlatformPlatform hosting A bombsite, spanning between the site itself and A Short.
A NinjaConcealed spot behind A Short boxes for potential ninja defuses by CTs.
StairsStairs linking Catwalk to A Short.
CatwalkMid-side walkway leading to A Short and Bombsite, starting at top Mid, ending at Short Stairs.
CT SpawnCounter-Terrorist spawn area, located beneath Short.

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Most famous Dust 2 callouts


Top 10 CS2 callouts in Dust 2 map:

  • A Short: A pivotal area connecting mid to the A bombsite, crucial for executing strategies and rush tactics.
  • B Tunnels: Divided into Upper and Lower sections, this area is key for planning attacks or defenses on the B bombsite.
  • Long A: Known for its long sightlines, this area is essential for snipers and long-range engagements.
  • CT Mid: A strategic point for controlling mid and monitoring enemy movement, crucial for both teams.
  • Catwalk: This elevated path provides access to A Short and offers various angles for controlling mid.
  • Xbox: Located in mid, this area is vital for gaining access to Catwalk and strategizing mid control.
  • B Plat: An elevated area on the B bombsite, significant for bomb planting and site defense.
  • A Cross: The exposed space between A Long and A Site, a hotspot for firefights during site takes.
  • Pit: A declivity at the end of A Long, offering cover and strategic angles for defending A Site.
  • T Spawn: The starting point for the Terrorist side, sometimes used for sniping mid doors.

Gabriele from Clash.gg shared, “In my experience, mastering these callouts has been crucial. Particularly, A Short and Catwalk are game changers, as they offer numerous tactical advantages.”


When was Dust 2 released?


The Dust 2 map in Counter-Strike from Valve was released in 2001.


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